The Resurrected Rockstar

The Resurrected Rockstar is a mind-bending, 95,000+ word Supernatural Thriller novel about a beautiful young reporter and her old-school cameraman who fights to save the world by leading an aging rock superstar to redemption after his deal with the devil ignites Armageddon. The exciting action and adventures in The Resurrected Rockstar, a 50,000 + word fantasy novel are beyond the boundaries of all time, space and imagination.

To save the world, a beautiful young reporter and her old-school cool cameraman must help an aging rockstar find redemption, after his deal with the devil launches Armageddon.

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The Mastermind Kid

In this middle-grade book, tragedy unleashes a chain of events that sets ten-year-old Matt Murphy’s world on a dangerous precipice. He teeters toward a life of anger and bitterness until a miraculous intervention takes place. Rockstar Zac Master is sent to rescue the boy’s mother and while there, gifts Matt with a “special” guitar which leads to the discovery of a great, dormant musical talent.

Haunted by peers’ unbelief and nightmares of his father’s murder, Matt is confronted with a choice: revenge or forgiveness. He overcomes, chooses life, then is rewarded with an unimaginable invitation – to join Zac Master and become a Mastermind Kid.

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The Mastermind Kidz

Connected by the same spiritual experience and guided by an aging rockstar, a diverse group of kids each with ‘special talents’ form a powerful alliance to fight evil.