The Resurrected Rockstar Movie

To save the world, a beautiful young reporter and her old-school cool cameraman must help an aging rockstar find redemption, after his deal with the devil launches Armageddon.

An aging rock superstar is having vivid nightmares at the end of a legendary music career. Prophetically, at the beginning of the European tour, his jet crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and all are presumed lost forever.

As the world mourns, an L.A. news crew is assigned to cover a tropical storm pounding the California coast. During the live remote, a smoldering body drops from the sky and into the ocean. A mysterious stranger dives in for the rescue, while the reporters document the life saving heroics.

In full view of the camera, the music superstar rises, and retreats with the pastor back to his Malibu mansion as world events spiral out of control. The connection becomes clear when the news crew discovers that the smoldering body is the rockstar and the beach hero is a missing young pastor with a horrific past.

At dinner, the news team learns that the young pastor has just killed himself inside the mansion and become convinced that the divine intervention of the music superstar is the beginning of Armaggedon and to save the world, they must lead The Resurrected Rockstar to redemption.